The Lane Foundation


Our mission is to turn ideas into action: finding and supporting high-impact projects and leaders who will drive these efforts. 

Projects & Leadership

Building an Ecosystem

The Lane Foundation is actively looking to find big ideas, high-impact projects and leadership to lead these projects –and this city – into tomorrow. We partner strategically, put ego aside and try to find what is best and right for Colorado Springs. How we go about doing our work is just as important to us as the work, itself. We borrow big ideas from around the country and look for motivated partners to execute these plans.

Children's Hospital Colorado Springs

“We chose to make a leadership gift to this project because we believe that the children of our region deserve to receive world-class care, close to home,” states Phil Lane, on behalf of the John and Margot Lane Foundation. “Our foundation invests in breakthrough programs and initiatives, and we believe that the new hospital will be a game-changer for kids and families. Our investment in Children’s Hospital Colorado – our region’s only safety net hospital for kids – is driven by a commitment to providing kids a future of promise and opportunity. Our hope is to inspire others who believe in the long-term vitality of our community to step up and support key projects that have a significant impact on our city, like the new Children’s Colorado.”

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Zoo is one of only 10 zoos across the country that does not receive public dollars. We are proud to contribute to the sustainability of our award-winning zoo and bring awareness of exotic and endangered animals to our back yard. The leadership of the zoo is superb and who doesn’t love penguins and hippos?

Fine Arts Center

Not only do we have a passion for art, but we believe the arts are a deep connector for our city. The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College drives culture and allows for multi-generation collisions. The FAC should be a place where big ideas are birthed through the inspiration of fine art. We are also very excited for the newly formed alliance with Colorado College that will allow the arts to be even stronger in our city.

Grants & Nonprofits

A Spirit of Collaboration

At the Lane Foundation, we believe a vibrant Colorado Springs starts when locals invest in their own community. We’re looking to encourage an ecosystem of sustainable nonprofits, community-centered projects and a vibrant city we are proud to call home.

What is your big idea?

How will you make it happen? 
It’s very important that you can dream big – that your vision for our community is nearly impossible. If this sounds like you, we’d like to partner with you to make the impossible, possible.

Apply for a Grant

We are currently not accepting unsolicited grants. 

Inspiring the Future

A history of investing in our community

Our vision for a vibrant Colorado Springs will not end with us. Instead, our goal is to ignite a spirit of philanthropy throughout our community – one that burns long after we’re gone.

John and Margot Lane

In Loving Memory

John and Margot loved Colorado Springs and believed deeply in the spirit and potential of the community.  John worked to build a strong regional business that enabled them to fund philanthropic endeavors in the areas of education, culture, health and faith.  Both John and Margot were people of faith and vision who believed that a greater vision of Colorado Springs is only possible when we all come together.  John passed away in 2005 and Margot passed away on June 12, 2017.    Their memory and legacy will endure with the continued work of the Lane Foundation. 

Meet the Lane Foundation team

Our core team and board support the mission of the Lane Foundation – turning ideas into action. Meet the people who work to continue Margot’s legacy here in Colorado Springs. 

Let's get to work

The Lane Foundation


13 S Tejon St, Ste 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

If you are a non-profit organization seeking emergency assistance, please visit Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s website.